Teeth whitening in Courtenay British Columbia

5 Facts About Teeth Whitening You Should Know

Have you notice that your teeth look a little dull lately? Don't worry, you're certainly not alone. Teeth whitening in Courtenay is a common procedure because it is natural for teeth to lose some of their shine over time. Tooth enamel is also subject to staining by coffee, and by other staining foods and drinks that people like to partake in.

Riverway Dental and Dr. Luksay, a cosmetic dentist in Courtenay, is proud to offer in-office teeth whitening services to our patients. If you're considering a teeth whitening procedure, then here are 5 facts you should know:

1) Teeth whitening produce results
Many people swear by their teeth whitening treatments because these treatments produce results. After just one session you are likely to notice a significant difference in the lightness of your teeth, and you likely won't need many until you are able to achieve satisfactory results. If you're hoping for a smile that is several shades lighter, then teeth whitening is right for you.

2) Teeth whitening is an efficient procedure
As mentioned above, teeth whitening is not only effective, but also very efficient. Most patients require only a few sessions, and sessions are only half an hour to an hour in length. If you don't have much spare time on your hands, or if you need your teeth whitened for an upcoming occasion, a professional treatment can give you the results you need, when you need them.

3) The results are lasting
Though how long people able to go between teeth whitening treatments varies according to how well they care for their teeth and what they eat and drink, the effects usually last a long time. Some people prefer going back for a whitening treatment to brighten their smile every 6 months of so, while others can last a full year.

4) Teeth whitening is safe
What makes all of these benefits of a teeth whitening treatment from a Courtenay dentist even better is that the procedure is very safe and carries little risk. A skilled and experienced dentist can ensure that the bleaching gel is applied only where it is needed, and will be there to monitor and check in with you during the entire procedure.

5) At-home whitening is not as effective
Finally, though there are numerous options available on store shelves for at-home teeth whitening, none are as effective as a professional teeth whitening by an experienced dentist in Courtenay. Toothpastes, gums, and strips made for whitening can remove some surface staining over time, but they are neither as fast nor as effective an in-office treatment.

As health care professionals, dentists are able to safely use stronger bleaching agents. These bleaching agents are more effective at penetrating the deeper layers of tooth enamel, removing stubborn stains that at-home whitening products just aren't able to get.

Don't wait to wait around for results from these less effective methods. If you'd rather choose a safe, quick, and effective professional teeth whitening, then contact the Courtenay cosmetic dentist at Riverway Dental today.

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