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Five Reasons Why There's No Need to Fear Dental Implant Surgery

Many people in Courtenay who have one or more missing teeth decide to have their smile restored with dental implants from a dental clinic in Courtenay. A dental implant consists of a false tooth attached to a permanent titanium root. While a dental implant is a fantastic tooth replacement option, placing one does require surgery, which can make some patients nervous.

At Riverway Dental, a dentist in Courtenay, we always make sure that our patients know they don't need to fear dental implant surgery. Here are five reasons why.

1) Your Courtenay dentist will use local anesthetic

Dental implant surgery is typically performed with local anesthetic, which ensures that you won't feel any pain or discomfort. The implantation process is actually fairly similar to a tooth extraction. If you've had a tooth extracted before, then you should have no trouble with dental implant surgery. In fact, some patients report that they find it easier to receive a dental implant than to have a tooth extracted.

2) You can also choose sedation dentistry

If you're still nervous about undergoing dental implant surgery even with local anesthetic, then don't worry. At Riverway Dental we also offer sedation dentistry to help further reduce patient anxiety. Under sedation you will still be conscious and able to communicate with your dentist, but you'll feel much more calm and relaxed. The procedure will seem to take no time at all, and you will have little memory of it once the sedation wears off.

3) The procedure is a relatively simple one

Dental implant surgery is a simple and straightforward procedure with very high success rates. Dental implant surgeries are also meticulously planned beforehand with the help of advanced imaging technology. You can trust that the Riverway Dental dentist serving Courtenay, who will perform your dental implant surgery has all of the necessary knowledge and experience to do it right.

4) Recovery is very manageable

Some people are less worried about the dental implant procedure than about the recovery afterwards, fearing that it may be painful and uncomfortable. While you can expect some swelling and pain after dental implant surgery, it can easily be managed with pain medication and a cold compress. Your dentist will recommend the best strategy for reducing potential discomfort after surgery.

5) You'll have a complete smile again

Finally, the main reason why you should look forward to rather than fear dental implant surgery is because, once the false tooth is attached to the implanted titanium root, you'll have a full and complete smile again. You'll enjoy greater confidence, better oral health, and an easier time eating all of your favourite foods.

Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants from Courtenay dentist

If you have any more questions about dental implant surgery, then don't hesitate to bring them up with your Courtenay’s dentist at Riverway Dental. We'll be happy to walk you through the procedure and address any of your concerns. To find out more about dental implants in Courtenay, just schedule an appointment with Riverway Dental today.

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