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Cosmetic Dentistry in Courtenay - Comox Valley 

At Riverway Dental, Dr. Luksay and our entire dental team have years of experience in all areas of dentistry. We work to provide high-quality cosmetic dentistry services to our patients in Comox Valley. Using only the highest quality of materials and the most advanced techniques for exceptional treatment results, we ensure that we meet our patients' individual needs with utmost care. We offer many cosmetic dentistry services, including comprehensive preventative, restorative, and aesthetic dental procedures. 
For us, your satisfaction is essential. Our years of experience enable us to provide efficient solutions that enhance your oral health. We will make you feel comfortable in our clinic.  
Please contact us  if you'd like to learn more about our cosmetic dentistry in Comox Valley.  

Dental Services Offered

Dental Implants : Dental implants are suitable for those who have lost their teeth resulting from injuries, decay, infections, periodontitis, or other dental issues. This procedure involves surgically placing metal posts in areas of tooth loss. Once the area heals, we install replacement teeth in it. Dental implants are a permanent solution for tooth loss because they're stronger than natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening : Over time, our teeth can lose their colour and become stained. We offer both in-office and out-office professional teeth whitening in Comox Valley and the surrounding areas. Unlike over-the-counter whitening solutions, our professional teeth whitening is effective, long-lasting and doesn't cause any damage. 

Veneers : Dental veneers are thin layers that we place over chipped, worn out, and damaged teeth. The coating itself is wafer-thin and made of porcelain. Our dental veneers closely resemble the look and colour of natural teeth and can help improve your smile. We can use them to align, shape, lengthen and guard your teeth. 

Bridges & Crowns : We place dental crowns over damaged or decayed teeth or an implant. Dental crowns can guard decayed and weak teeth and maintain their appearance and size. Bridges, on the other hand, solely replace missing teeth. With good oral habits, your crowns and bridges can last you a long time. 

Root Canal : Root canal treatments are an effective way to save teeth from decay and infection. It's a simple procedure to remove the infected tooth pulp and clean, shape and file the remaining space. Many issues such as injuries, cavities and infections can damage the pulp, but timely root canals can save your teeth. We will carry out your root canal treatment in Comox Valley with little to no discomfort. 

Fillings : Dental fillings are an effective solution in cases when decay damages a tooth. We remove the infected tooth material, clean the area, and fill it with gold, ceramic, amalgam and composite materials. Fillings close off the area and prevent any further damage to the teeth. They restore a tooth to its natural shape and function. 

Dentures : Dentures are a removable replacement for natural teeth. While our partial dentures replace some missing teeth, we provide complete dentures when all of the teeth are missing. Dentures can reduce your discomfort and help restore daily functions like smiling, chewing, eating and talking. 

Tooth Extractions : For the tooth which is severely decayed, fractured, and infected, tooth extraction might be the only solution. We will provide you with safe, effective and painless tooth extractions to minimize your pain and protect your gum from infection.

Dental Fees and Insurance Information


We base our fees on the quality of materials we use and our clinical expertise in performing your needed cosmetic dentistry procedure. We ask you to make the payment after an appointment unless we make a financial arrangement in advance. We aim to ensure that our cosmetic dentistry services are accessible to all by providing multiple payment options. Our payment options include cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. After Dr. Luksay has examined you and determined what treatment is needed, he will recommend an appropriate treatment plan. We will present an estimate of our fees and your financial arrangement options at the time of your cosmetic dentistry consultation. 


Our office understands the value of insurance benefits to our patients. We accept the assignment of these benefits towards the payment of your dental treatment. Dental plans vary greatly, and we encourage our patients to know about theirs before commencing their cosmetic dentistry treatment to eliminate any disappointment with payments and reimbursement. If the company doesn't reimburse the insurance claim to us within 30 days of the treatment, the subsequent generation of the invoice will become the patients’ responsibility. Upon request, we can provide our patients with a pre-authorization for estimated insurance coverage in advance of their cosmetic dentistry treatment to enable them to prepare their finances accordingly. 


Remember, your dental insurance plan is not a treatment plan. The forms, conditions, and percentages of payments are a contract between you, your employer or union, and the insurance company. Your dentist, your dentist’s clinic, or any other firm is not a party to this arrangement. However, only you and your dentist (and not your insurer) can decide on the cosmetic dentistry treatment plan that best meets your specific needs and circumstances.


We request two business days’ notice for all scheduling changes. Appointments are valuable blocks of time. When an appointment is missed or cancelled without this notice, it prevents us from helping someone else. As a courtesy to our patients, we will contact you in advance to remind you of your appointment. Please help us serve you better by keeping all scheduled appointments.


Make sure to check out our patient resources before scheduling an appointment.


Payment Options

We accept direct billing to insurance and dental plans.

Friendly and Professional

“Every time I've been to the office, I've been met with friendly and professional staff. I had IV sedation with Dr. Luksay and everything went smoothly. Dr. Luksay followed up with me the next day to make sure everything was okay. I then came back for a bite adjustment at no charge. Thank you for your great work and professionalism.”

- B. Lee

5 Star
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